Interview with Steven Dunkley

What did you feel that day? How did you feel that day? You must have been pretty excited. What was going on inside of you that day, I mean you got there at 6 o'clock in the morning. What was it like? How did you feel about that day?


Well it was, ah, not the regular, you know, go to work day. It was a, a special day and, ah, it was exciting because of the, ah, the press and also the, ah, the Pentagon looking on, what was going on. We processed everything as usual. We went exactly by the book to make sure that ev- you know all the regulations were taken care of. We did have to take care of the press people and, ah, of course there was some activity outside the building. We had to monitor that, ah, the building was like guarded. And, ah, everybody who went in and out that day was checked very thoroughly where usually it's, ah, you know, quite open. You know, you could come and go as you please. Not that day, things were pretty well nailed down. It was an exciting day. It was, it was one of those special days in your life that, you know, you only have now and then.


Let's cut. I want to try it again. Just take a deep breath. I like what you're giving me. You had told me over the telephone, you had gotten there at 6 a.m. It was a couple of hours earlier than usual. Colonel McKee said that even though Ali was coming, he wanted you to do things exactly by the book the way you had done them every day before. And that would be kind of nice to get into the information plus the whole thing about and we had press thing set up, we had an open line to the Pentagon to monitor all his activities. You don't have to tell me about exactly what he was doing, just say the Pentagon line was open to monitor all his activities.