Interview with Virginia Durr


Virginia Durr:

Well the thing is, it's very difficult for you to realize what a chance they took going to that trial and filling the court. And uh, you know, being there. Uh, this is something that was, that, you know, was taking up tremendous chance, one of losing your job, one of uh, not getting a loan or not getting a car, or having, you know just all kinds of economic troubles they could get in besides being arrested or beaten up. And uh, I have a, I think the black men have had a far harder time than the black women because the black women have been much better treated than the black men in the South. And I feel like that was a very brave thing to do so I knew that they were gonna have a boycott and I just took it for granted, I mean Mr. Nixon was going to have a boycott he had a boycott and uh, it never was any real violence there it was only it was just the fact that uh, they stayed off the bus and walked.