Interview with Virginia Durr


Virginia Durr:

Azbell, I think that uh Joe Azbell, Mr. Nixon gave it to Joe Azbell, the story and Joe Azbell had it on the front page of the Sunday paper and all the preachers all over town the black preachers told everybody in their church to stay off the bus on Monday because of Mrs. Parks' trial and they did. And uh, then that night you see they had the big boy… a big uh, mass meeting at the Holt Street Baptist Church and I went in but I couldn't get in cause it was so crowded. But that was the night that Dr. King made his first speech to the people of Montgomery. That was the beginning really, that was the, that whole episode, you know, the, it was the, her refusing to move, the uh, trial, the uh mass meeting that was beginning and it never has gone back. The thing that is so marvelous about it is that it spread all over the world. I understood it from a paper I got from South Africa that, they were actually using Dr. King and Mrs. Parks' name in uh the rising in uh, South Africa.