Interview with Jane Duwors

Now as you think over the story of busing and especially focusing on the first couple of years, um, is there anything that we haven't talked about that you think needs to be told?


No, no I guess just that the, the federal government, or the federal courts don't have the knowledge or the expertise to run school systems. And in many parts of the country they have. And I think that forced busing as, as a tool for integration or desegregation was a poor tool. When, in the future if this happens in other parts of the country I think they, that they should look to Boston because the dismal failure, the record, the drop out rates, ah, the, the test scores, the SATs, all go to show that a good education has taken a backseat to racial balance. And if we want to see the youth of the city in this country succeed, the one thing that they need is a very good education. They don't get that when desegregation enters the picture because the focus is not on education. It's on racial balance. That's about it.