Interview with Jane Duwors

Now speaking as a parent in 1974, what were your expectations about South Boston High? And could you weave in there also what your own experience with South Boston High had been.


Well like many, many people, like most people in South Boston, I attended South Boston High School as my brothers and sisters did. Most of my friends did and I had children who would--growing up--look up at the high school on the hill. And I would say, "When you get bigger that's the high school you're going to go to." "What, what's its name, mommy?" "That's South Boston High School." And they went through school and time came for them to enter, ah, high school and unfortunately it was 1974. And the high school on the hill wasn't available to them anymore. At that point in time we didn't know where the kids would be going when they went to school. The school assignments were very late. There was, ah, a lot of confusion in the school department about what was going to happen or where children would go to school. I don't even think they had the busses set to roll. So it was just a wait and see game where you know you may be able to go, or you may not be able to go. The feelings that it caused in myself were something of a disappointed-ment that my kids wouldn't be able to go to South Boston High School where, where I went. Where I received a very good education. Their friends would probably be sent to other schools also. So they would be setting off to high school in a completely different environment than what they had grown up and known.