Interview with Marian Wright Edelman

OK, we're in the study and you've come and you've given him this idea, the words just come out of your mouth. What did you see? Did his state of being change? Did his eyes opened? I mean what did you see?


Enormous relief, ah, that somehow an answer had come, ah, and I felt enormous gratitude and astonishment that somehow and great, you know that I was able to be helpful. Because it was a struggle to know where to go next, ah, because the country really was turning away and things really were hard, ah, and trying to find new paths to, to, to deal with the seemingly intractable problems of both northern and rural poverty, ah, you know, it was getting a lot of folk down. We were searching for places to go and obviously Dr. King was under more burden and responsibility to, to take us to that next step, ah, than any. So there was relief, ah, we chit-chatted a bit about the strategies but he instinctively knew how to mobilize and do the mechanics, ah, but the point is that the idea felt right to him and I really felt as I left there that I had helped and that we were going to move on to something new.