Interview with Marian Wright Edelman

We're going back to Mississippi. How did you get to Mississippi in the first place? How old were you and what were you doing there?


I got to Mississippi because I was Black and I was 22 initially, and a law student who had been in a sit-in movement because Mississippi was the worst symbol of the segregated prison. I was represented then. I was a Black kid who wanted to be useful and I was angry and I wanted to change things. I was raised to change things and so were all my friend from SNCC had gone from the sit-in movement in Atlanta where I was a senior at Spelman College, down to register voters in Mississippi. Bob Moses whom I admire deeply was down there. I had gone off to law school but I went down to see them and to alleviate my guilt and to give me enough fuel to get through the rest of law school so I could come back to Mississippi.