Interview with Marian Wright Edelman

So what exactly did you guys do, down in Jackson?


Starting in Jackson, ah, we drove, got in a care with, ah, my husband Peter, ah, in the back, now husband Peter in the back and with Bobby Kennedy and a driver in the front and, one of the things I remember about Bobby Kennedy, is he had no shame. He would ask you anything. I did not know him before he came to Mississippi. In fact my image of him was kind of one of, ah, I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't, ah, what I got, ah. He was a surprisingly unarrogant man, ah, at least in the context of Mississippi and this was, it's important to remember, after his brother's death. And I remember the, he asked an awful lot about my life, ah, my background, why I was doing this. He asked me about the, ah, last book I'd read and we had a lot of discussion, he always used to say, "What have you just finished reading?" And, I told him. He asked me about my personal life and I told him it was none of his business but at any rate we ended up going to look in the houses of people who, ah, had no income or whose children, ah, were not getting enough to eat.