Interview with Dr. Robert Ellis


Dr. Robert Ellis:

Well, based on uh, my observations from the various sources I, I saw James Meredith as a, a relatively young black man. He was always neatly dressed in the courtrooms when I saw him. From the documents that we received from say the air force, uh, I got the picture of a young black man who had conflict with the racial uh, problem. And uh, yet when I saw him in the courtroom situation where the state's attorneys were q—uh, questioning him, I find that I had to sympathize with him a little bit because I felt like he was being uh, almost persecuted. I thought the, the state's attorneys were really abusive, particularly in the proceedings at Meridian when they were fishing for information or evidence. Uh, I never had any conversations with Meredith directly. Uh, and that's really, I think, about all I can say about my relationships and my observations concerning him.