Interview with Rev. Joseph Ellwanger


Rev. Joseph Ellwanger:

And I think something that we've, we forget 30 years later uh, is that uh, there was not only the belief in the white community that Blacks were inferior but their, that was a belief that was clearly articulated and was uh, assumed as the basis for the segregation that had existed all these years. And uh, to break down the barriers of segregation is to permit uh, in that way of thinking, an inferior race to mix with a superior race and the inevitable result would be, of course, and this was a phrase that was even used in public, a mongrelization of and a pulling down of that white superior race. And uh, that underlay that, both the fears and uh the wild threats and the commitment that the KKK had to uh, enforcing its viewpoints. Many of the KKK had that as almost a religious belief in their heart that we've got to maintain that kind of uh, purity of the race and uh otherwise we are dooming ourselves and our future generations.