Interview with Phyllis Ellison

So I'd like you to give us a sense of what it was like day to day in terms of the violence in the hallways at Southie, and if you can specifically tell us about the time that you got jumped.


OK. I remember coming out of my typing class, room 218. It was on the second floor. Opening the door, going towards the locker and then the next I knew all I could hear was my, all I could feel was my hair being pulled, being pulled down to the ground and three girls trying to get on top of me to fight. Calling me a nigger and I just wouldn't tolerate being called a nigger. The next thing I knew the police were, was, um, separating us from each other and one of the girls didn't have on a bra when she got up, one of the White girls and there were, there was three. There were two others. And we were taken to the holding room. And at that time there was a holding rooms for Blacks and holding rooms for Whites.