Interview with Phyllis Ellison

So, when you first learned that you were assigned to South Boston High School what was your reaction and what was your mother's?


I didn't know much about South Boston High School at the time. I didn't know, ah, what I was getting myself into that South Boston High School was part of busing or desegregation, I just knew that I was going to attend South Boston High School. My mother's reaction was, I was not going to attend South Boston High School that I would go to a Catholic school. And I let her know that my friends were going to South Boston High and I wanted to attend there. And she, you know, wanted me to go to Catholic school. So I said I would quit school if I had to go to a Catholic school because I wanted to be with my friends and none of my friends could go to Catholic school because of affordability. And I wanted to be with my friends.