Interview with Charles Epps

Dean Epps I'm going to ask you again. The students, one of their demands was a request for Black studies. How important did you think a so-called Black curriculum was?


Well, the students did incorporate as part of their demands Black studies. I think that Black studies would be important for, for Black students as an elective, so they could learn more about themselves and about their heritage. I think one of the tragedies of, ah, of slavery was that we were completely cut off from our, our heritage and roots in that regard. But I think that you have to be more pragmatic in today's world and realize that, ah, while that information is good to know and I have personally enjoyed reading about Black, ah, heritage. I think it's more important to focus on why you're there in college and that is to prepare yourself to earn a living. You're focusing toward a, a professional school or a degree in the undergraduate school. So I think that, the, the, the basic curriculum is the much more important thing and that the Black studies would be something that you would take as an elective but not the major focus of one's study.