Interview with Charles Epps

Would you include federal appropriations, grants?


There was some concern that the student strike might adversely affect the, the federal appropriation as well as, ah, contributions from alumni and friends. I think time has shown that that was not the case. But, while we were very concerned about it I think that the, the federal government could see that the, these things happen. As a matter of fact at the same time there were takeovers going on at almost all of the schools in the country or at least at many of the schools in the country. So there was a, almost a universal problem with, with student bodies. It wasn't just our problem alone. But, and in fact in some schools there was violence and great damage to property. At Howard there was no serious damage to property. The students were very circumspect in that, in that regard. They, when they occupied the building, they only occupied the, the public areas. They did not go into any of the private offices. And while the University was not operative because the switchboard couldn't function and no one could get into the business offices, ah, the Administration Building survived that takeover intact.