Interview with Charles Epps

I'm going to ask you again about, there was one, there was, I don't know if I did ask you this question, but there was one history course, one Negro history course that they had. Did you think that more was necessary, you know, given the traditional mission that Howard, you know, had toward students?


Yeah, well I think they probably could have had more courses and they probably would have got more courses but, ah, they didn't have to strike to get them, you know. I mean they could have had more courses I guess, ah. As a matter of fact when I was a student there in '47 to '51 there were at least two courses that I know of from that one man taught, Leo Hansberry. I took one of his courses but he had at least two courses. I'm sure there were other courses too. What I'm not so sure of is that the students wanted, ah, more than just that. That they, they were asking for, a, Black significance to be applied to everything, if I interpreted what they were asking about.