Interview with Charles Epps

If I was one of those radical students and I said to you, but having those Black studies courses will give me a sense of pride in my history, in my heritage, much like if I was from Greece or much like if I was from Italy, you know, make me feel better about myself, which in turn might make me feel, you know, more stimulated, more motivated and turn toward something important for the community. What would your reaction be to that?


Well, I'd ask, how many courses do you need? You see, you know, the, the scholar, the true scholar would only need one course to be introduced to the field and then the library's there. You can go to the library and read all the books that are there. Why do you have to have, ah, you know all these courses that would interfere with your main purpose in being there. So, that I would think that, ah, ah, an introductory course is what would be, at least there for the minimum. But there's no limit and that's what a university does, it stimulates the inquisitive mind.