Interview with Don Evans


Don Evans:

A lot of people left town for the same reason that they left town fifty, sixty, years ago. You know, job opportunities. You know, you go to school four years you know, four years in college. Gee whiz, when I finish, I'll be makin' a lot of money. You know I can have me a fifty, sixty thousand dollar home and a Cadillac, You know, whatever you want. And then you find that after you put forth all this effort, and you go out there and you bam on the doors, and you know the jobs are there, you know, and they tell you "Can't use you." You know, so you have to, you have to go other places. You know, to find the type of jobs that will pay you the type of money that you feel you're qualified for. You know, you have got a lot of people, workin' in job slots now that that could possibly be workin' in job slots that would pay much more, now, you know, than than what they have you know, so you have to take what you can until you can get what you want, you know, so a lot of people don't want to sacrifice the time and effort to stay stagnated in one place, you know. So they figure my opportunities might be better over here, so they go over there. You know, but I, I don't think it's because uh, Birmingham is a dreadful place to live, you know, I think it's simply because of job opportunities.