Interview with Arthur Eve

When you walked into the yard.


Yea. When we walked into D yard it seemed like literally hundreds and thousands of people were in there. And certainly they were pleased to see some outsiders. There were some people who recognized who I was and also Herman Schwartz, and, ah, many would then converge and the word would pass and, you know, they would all come around us. Ah, the inmates had set up a fairly elaborate speaking system so when they spoke to you it could be heard in the whole yard, so that everyone knew what was being said. And so it was all of them around you and listening for what you had to say, what kind of message that you would bring to them. Ah, and, as, as I stated, ah, the Herman Schwartz issue was a major concern. Ah, when they began, a few of them recognized that he was the guy who was handling their appeal. And so there was then a big question, you know, whether or not, I, to,to a great degree our credibility sort of rested on the questions raised about Herman Schwartz. And that's why I try to deal with that first and get that behind us. But, ah, they were very pleased that we were there and that someone was listening from the outside. Ah, and that, I think, was very important. Ah, I don't know how many hours that, that they had taken over that facility and not have had anyone to come in and to talk to them. I think was just creating a lot of frustrations. And so there was literally joy when we walked in.