Interview with Arthur Eve

On the issue of amnesty--


Yeah, amnesty was something that everybody wanted, ah, certainly they were concerned about reprisals based on the experience that had happened at the Tombs and at Albion State Prison where I went when a number of the men were locked up. They didn't want this added onto their time, and so forth, so amnesty was a major, major, major consideration, and in the course of negotiations, the state did not agree to give amnesty. I think we were, they were in the, in the process of trying to say we'll take each case as, as, you know, as it went. But, ah, I think, though, that if we could have resolved it in a peaceful manner that there would have been a serious consideration given on not charging anyone with crime and maybe narrowing it down to very, very few. As the case ended up being, ah, go ahead.


OK, let's cut for a second.