Interview with Arthur Eve

Why don't you just, you know, take me back to the time in the diner, that Sunday?


On the Sunday before the takeover we were in a diner in the Attica community, several of us, Tom Wicker and a few others, having breakfast, or at least ordering breakfast at the time, it was after officer Quinn had died, and so there was a lot of, of tension, and we were told by the waitress that she hoped they would kill all of us, you know, and it was a level of racism that, you know, that just sort of hit you very stark and very clear, and she represented, obviously, that community and, and, and the guards in there, and so it, it made us aware that we had to prevent, as much as we could, the state from going in and seeing how we could resolve this thing peacefully, because she expressed, I guess, to many of us, the hatred, and to allow that hatred to go into the prison yard, would be absolutely devastating.