Interview with Arthur Eve

--just give me a picture if you can, to help me visualize the last, the last time you were in D yard, this right after you had the confrontation with Oswald, tell me--


All right. For the first time I was really very frightened and very concerned, the last time we would enter that yard, Oswald and others had given the inmates a letter saying that we had agreed to certain conditions, and that they should now, then, give, give up and, ah, you know, let the hostages go and turn the facility back over to the state. That was not so. I mean, the inmates said, "You cannot make any decisions for us, all you can do is take information back and forth." And so, having known that they had set us up for the inmates to be negative towards us, our lives were endangered. In fact, I, before I went into the yard, I broke down, and I said, you know, "You set them up for them to kill us, and if not, if we don't go back in there, they will harbor the idea that we double-crossed them and maybe when some of them come out, that our families could even be endangered," because I had an experience once where some folks wanted to off me by throwing a firebomb in my house and then cross-firing and hopefully to kill me. And so I said, "You not only have jeopardized our lives, you've jeopardized our families!" And so going back in there the last time, that, that, that Sunday, was very difficult. And I sought to get others to do in with me, and I, I wanted to get some volunteers, and the, the main volunteers was, ah, Kunstler, Bill Geder[SIC], Franklin, and myself. And I then asked for some of the more credible, quote, Whites, to come back so they could report it. When we went back in that yard, and that's when John Wicker[SIC], and I asked John, Tom, Tom Wicker, I'm sorry, I asked Tom Wicker, "Would you go back?" And he said, "Let me think about it a while," and then he said yes, he would go. And, ah, when we went back in there, the inmates had greeted us, greeted us with tears in their eyes, ah, that we had betrayed them, we had lied to them, that they had given, you know, their confidence of their lives to us to properly represent them, when we took information out, and it was a very tense moment. Thank god for a, a former inmate in Attica named GI[SIC] that we called who spoke up and said, "Listen, they are trying to set these brothers up." He said, "I've been with brother Eve everywhere he's been. When he went in to talk to this one or that one, and they wanted to speak to him, I was present at all times. If you hurt him, or any of these observers, they're watching, it will give them justification to come in and not only kill you but kill everybody." And he said, "Don't fall into that trap, you know, the brothers did not betray your confidence, OK?" And so that was really, to me, one of the most tense moments that I had in that whole experience.