Interview with Arthur Eve

OK, Mr. Eve, I just want you to go back to 1971 and my first question is, sort of give me an idea of what, what was Attica like? What were the conditions there in Attica.


Well, Attica had a reputation for being very, ah, inhuman and insensitive in its treatment of inmates. Ah, we had been there on several occasions and, ah, it was just a sort of a hell hole to live in. Ah, many of the inmates were brutalized in various forms in the way they were treated and I had the experience once of going there and four guards blocking my passage in the hallway. And I said, "That's why we're having problems with these prisons is because of this attitude." And, ah, they waited there a long time to then step aside so I could continue walking down the, you know, hallway. Again, that's the kind of attitude that was there at Attica. That they would do that to me as a African American State Representative, what do you think they were doing to the inmates?