Interview with Arthur Eve

--the sounds of the helicopter, what was going on around you. You couldn't see it but you could feel it and how it all felt.


On that day when we were in the room and, ah, they made us get on the floor because of the tear gas. It was best they said for us not to be affected by it. And, ah, we heard the helicopters and all of the noise. Ah, still not being clear what was going on and feeling just a tremendous sense of hopelessness, that we could not impact on it, ah, I guess some of us had felt that we had failed, ah, because we could not resolve it without that going in, ah, it was just a very frightening moment of wondering what is really going on. What's happening? You know, are they taking it without, you know, any loss of life. Ah, so it was just a, a big question, a, a big sense of, of hopelessness, and, ah, and also tremendous frustration. I mean all of us were very frustrated who were truly committed to trying to resolve this and, ah, it was just probably one of the most difficult periods, ah, of the whole thing was that, ah, all of the effort of was literally in vain.