Interview with Arthur Eve

How did this, something this terrible happen?


Well, ah, during a very difficult period, ah, it almost cost me my mind, ah, and I thank God that, ah, I was able to keep my sanity after Attica. But it pointed up very clearly that the ruling class is a very small percentage. And as I've said to many audiences the hostages in there, the guards, were just like the inmates. If a Rockefeller family member had been there, they never would have used the violence. And so those who work for a living are those who are in sort of a class situation, their lives are just as, you know, expendable as the inmates, be they White or Black, to a great degree. But it really pointed up that racism is, is very heavy in New York state and that all of those men and women, all those men who were in the prisons, that, ah, we had to try to do more to change what was happening in our penal institutions. That people should have an opportunity, that while incarcerated to be treated like a human being and then hopefully rehabilitated, ah, if possible, but every chance must be given for that. It also said, that how do I stop kids from going into crime? I mean, how do we stop poverty, hungry, hunger, ignorance, lack of education, poor housing. And so it sort of gave, gave me a, a new resolved[SIC] to try harder to prevent, ah, other Atticas from happening and people getting into situations such as Attica State Prison.