Interview with Arthur Eve

What was happening in the country around the Gary convention that made Gary so necessary, with such urgency?


Well Many of us had experienced great expectations and hopes during the great society and programs of the '60s and, ah, and, and Civil Rights and so forth. We saw Nixon's election as taking away those gains. We saw the system moving away from a commitment to people and, and hunger and housing and, and political empowerment.** So, Gary was absolutely very critical. Ah, people were frustrated, looking for answers, solutions, strategies, and so Gary came at a very, very opportune time, to bring us all together, to try to help us cope with the frustrations we were, you know, experiencing and to devise a strategy on how to change this situation around. So Gary was absolutely very critical. Ah, there was also conversation prior to that and during then about a Black running for President of the United States, running in the democratic primaries and/or running independently. So Gary was very significant, ah, time and, it, it was just beautiful.