Interview with Arthur Eve

Can you give me a sense also of the excitement of that time, of going into Ga--of going into the convention?


Being from Buffalo, and there were people looked upon us as sort of upstage hicks, ah, ah, our community, we were very excited. There were about 60 or 70 of us who, we had fundraisers, we had other activities to raise money to fly out there and for the hotel. And people were excited about meeting national figures that they had read about or heard about or seen on TV, you know, Julian Bond and Jesse Jackson and the mayors and so forth. So it was a very exciting period of everybody coming together, people at the lower level and at the higher level, all coming together on a common agendas, common goals, common hopes, and also common fears. Ah, and so it was a very exciting period and, ah, frankly I can't remember when my community came together and really as a total community raised dollars in order to send people somewhere. Ah, so it was a, a, very hopeful period.