Interview with Arthur Eve

Can you tell me about Attica when you went into the yard? What did you see?


Yeah there was a, an attorney named Herman Schwartz who had handled a number of appeals, ah, applications for the inmates who went in with me. And the two of us went in and it was, ah, ah, ah, something that was just, ah, awesome. Ah, ah, literally, ah, a large number of inmates. We were told there were 43 hostages in there and they were all out in the yard, D yard. And, ah, that was my first approach, you know, going in there and, ah, seeing all of this. And it was, ah, somewhat concerning to see this massiveness and not knowing what was going to take place, what would be the reaction, ah. People have asked me, "Were you afraid in going in?" And I said, "Yes, I was concerned," ah, but I said, "and I prayed that whatever happened let it be God's will. And if you put your faith in God then whatever happens, you, you know, accept his will." And so my faith in God really helped me tremendously to, you know, go in there.