Interview with Arthur Eve

OK, I'm going to ask you, what was the atmosphere like among the inmates when you went in there on that first day?


Well when I went there, ah, interestingly enough one of the main issues, ah, that came up was that Herman Schwartz the attorney who had been handling some of their appeals, some of the inmates were very upset that they felt that the appeal process was not moving fast enough and he was not doing all that he could have been doing. And so I ended up having to defend Herman Schwartz and say that he was a good guy, he's trying. You know, you have to understand that the process is somewhat very difficult. And so we spent a little time on that because it was critical that, ah, that they have the confidence of the people who came in. And so without that level of confidence, ah, it would have been, I think, almost impossible for a dialogue to begin. And so the first thing we did was really try to deal with their questions about Herman Schwartz.