Interview with Arthur Eve

If you could describe for me the atmosphere among the inmates when you went into D yard.


When we finished the questions that may have come up, they, ah, I had a sense that they for the first time felt that they were in a position to make something happen and there was a sense that, ah, some positive things would ultimately come out of this. Ah, and there was a sense of hope. There was a sense of hope. Ah, no one knew where this thing would end up subsequently but this was the first time that they had to get their concerns properly addressed and they had tried to convey to the state prior to that, ah, their concerns and got absolutely no response. Ah, and in many cases they were further brutalized, harassed, whatever the case might be. So, There was a sense of hope that for the first time there were some outsiders. People would now begin to listen and, ah, hopefully some changes could be made.**


That's good, that's good.