Interview with Orval Faubus


Orval Faubus:

…determined to halt by extreme means if necessary the entry of the black students into the school. Now, one group and I have personal knowledge of this and I can even name some of the individuals, unloaded their weapons at a town, a short distance east of Little Rock, when they learned that the National Guard had been placed on duty. Now if the guard had not been placed, these determined, armed men would have been there and the well-directed volley from such a well-armed group long skilled in the use of firearms, could have left many dead and wounded people… Now I was not nearly as concerned, which was all in the press, about the protestations of the Mothers League or the speeches of the segregationist leaders as with the intentions of these small well-armed groups who didn't proclaim their intentions publicly and kept them well concealed. And I might add that these were the main concern of Superintendent Virgil Blossom, you know, who was known as the author of the Blossom plan and the author of the integration uh, program.