Interview with Orval Faubus


Orval Faubus:

There, there was a reason in Central High School which made it different from all the others. Those who promoted the plan had visions of becoming overnight heroes, headliners, for solving a problem that has been difficult of solution throughout the history of mankind. [overlap]And they had some, they had invited the press in, you know, to see this great success story and they were going to be heroes uh, uh, throughout the country. And when they started proclaiming that it was going to be the pilot project for all of Arkansas and all of the South, than those in opposition became interested. And so they started… [overlap]And they started, they started building up a focal point of contest. And this I explained to the President and he understood it very well, because he was a military man you see, and he could see how, how this all came to a point, uh… around Central High School, whereas it didn't occur at the other schools throughout the state. Now, if…