Interview with Sandra Feldman

Can we get a sense of the broad variety of teachers that were involved in the schools. Some of them may have had backgrounds like yourself, some of them may have had backgrounds much more conservative.


I think it was quite a mixed group of teachers ah from lots of different backgrounds. It was, there were a lot of experienced teachers there. The teachers were, there was an integrated group of teachers. There were teachers who had had a lot of experience. There were a lot of new teachers, substitute teachers. It was a, a very mixed group of teachers. And I think that there was a willingness of, on the part of most of them to reach out and to do something new. There were teachers there who were very wary of it who, you know, wanted, who were afraid to do something new. But we were making allowances for all of that. And there were efforts to accommodate, you know, all of the problems that people brought up on every side of the equation.