Interview with Willie Felder

Let's go back, Jesse had just made this speech, ah, it was "Nation times", calling for nation time. Everybody is roused and excited. What was the reaction of the Michigan delegation to Jesse's speech?


Yes, Jesse's speech was rousing and exciting, but the Michigan delegation, you must remember, ah, while they enjoyed hearing Jesse, they were not overly moved by that kind of oratory because of, by having been excluded from the, ah, the basic input to structuring up, ah, participating in drawing up the proposal. And the Michigan delegation felt, 65 percent of them or better coming from organized labor in the state of Michigan, and, and a number of them being elected officials in Michigan, and that kind of thing, felt a little bit left out, not a little bit but felt very left out, and so I don't think that Jesse or any other orator could have motivated them to a spellbinding sort of frenzy, ah, about having, hearing him call for a point of "nation-time". Most of them felt it was nation-time by virtue of the fact that they traveled from Michigan to Indiana, to Gary, to be a part of that historical event.