Interview with Willie Felder

Just give me that story again about one, one of the delegates you were standing next to when you were listening to Jesse's speech, what his reaction was to Jesse's speech, and why the Michigan delegation was mad as hell.


OK. We were, well, Jesse's speech was a good speech except that it did very little to motivate or stimulate the Michigan dele- delegation, ah, because of their feeling of having been excluded and because of, basically they felt that their leadership had been ignored. For example, I was standing there listening and laughing and talking with a colleague of mine who had come to the convention and, and a couple of other folk, and this fellow laughed and said, you know, "Jesse's doing all right, but, but these people from the Michigan delegation is mad as hell, and his message ain't getting through to them at all." And, the reason for that, of course, was, ah, ah, we had been trying to persuade, through negotiations with the facilitators, them to give our leadership an opportunity to address their concerns.