Interview with Mayor Maurice Ferre

You mentioned racism, I just want to ask you did you ever feel at that point that Miami was a racist city?


Oh, I don't have any questions that Miami's a racist city, it always has been. America is a racist country. Florida is a racist state, I mean no question about that. There's just different kinds of racism, some of it is more blatant, some of it is more subtle. But western society is, is racist. I think, ah, you know, we're living, we inherent those things, I mean thank God it's not a genetic thing, but, but it's the next thing to it, and that is, it goes from father to son. And I think, ah, these things permeate in our subconscious world and it comes out. And, ah, we do have this subconscious feeling of superiority and who's better and there's a pecking order. There's a, there's a hierarchical order of not only of values, but of, of how we see people in society. And there's no question that it is alive here in Miami today, very much alive. Very much alive in Boston. I, I've seen, I've seen very few cities as racist as Boston, I mean as deeply ingrained. But Miami's not, not much different. And, ah, unfortunately people that come in here from another society and another culture very quickly fall into those bad habits. They assimilate into the good and the bad and that's the bad.