Interview with Mayor Maurice Ferre

--what steps do you take?


Well, ah, you know, ah, in the City of Miami we took some very dramatic steps to overcome that. For example, ah, I don't have any, any qualms about talking about quotas. I know that, ah, that, that there are many segments of American society they get very, very uptight, ah, and they talk about affirmative action. Not quotas, well no, not me, ah, I didn't mind talking about quotas. Our city attorneys would have fits on that, but, but I think, you know, we're, we're going to have to do some extraordinary things to overcome these problems that plague society and including the City of Miami. And we did, and as a matter of fact, ah, ah, I'm very proud of the fact that during my tenure as mayor I completely changed the percentage of minorities, including Blacks and women, in, in the government at all levels. I mean up at the top and down in the middle and down in the bottom, so that we have a, a, a community including the police department that is reflective of the community it serves.


All right, thank you very much. I think that will--