Interview with Mayor Maurice Ferre

OK, let's start off by telling me about President Carter's car.


Well it was a, there was a very unfortunate incident that occurred and that is when the President was in his limousine, ah, some, some of the residents of Liberty City started to stone the President's car. Well, you know, ah, obviously it's a shocking thing to see a president treated that way, but in the minds of those teenagers that were doing that, I don't think they disting- they, they would distinguish between the president and the, ah, and the mayor or anybody else. I, you know, it was a statement that was being made and, and the statement was, ah, this is unfair, s- something, something's not right. And, ah, it was, it's a form of protest. Ah, thank God the president was not hurt, but, ah, he, he got the message. And the message was very clear.