Interview with James Figgs

That's a good thing in term of the overall campaign. I want to get you feeling, you know, what you were feeling at that time, let's say after the first half of week or whatever. I mean you said there was, there was a different feeling that you had over time, that it seemed like when you first came there there were things and then something happened. Can you get me from the first day to after something happened or what you think was happening or what you were feeling at that time that there was an absence of.


Well I, I, I felt that the time that we were in Resurrection City that the absence was we were not, ah, consistent enough with our programs on a day to day basis and after a period of several days that began to have too much lax time, too much lax time in between, ah, ah, for our team leader, you know, from, from the overall perspective we just did not have, ah, ah, ah, after the first several days we did not have an agenda that we, that we were required, ah, to be about for a, a full day. And with that many people, ah, being there, ah, ah, lax times should a been a no-no. But, ah, you know, as I look from the hindsight on it that's basically what I felt that many of us was just wasn't doing what we should have been doing either because our team leader did not provide us with that kind of, ah, leadership.