Interview with James Figgs

--in terms of people seeing the poor. When you were in Resurrection City and people were trying to understand why the agenda wasn't being as clear, did anybody talk about just communication from the leadership to the people in Resurrection City or the communication that was coming within SCLC? Was there any understanding of what was going on at the top?


No, ah, that's what I, I felt the, in Resurrection City at the time that when I spoke earlier on about the, ah, agenda not being consistent, ah, our team leaders from our state and our particular area, ah, would not have, ah, ah, at some point would not have any communication to us. And until we see such communication then we would just be loitering and what have you. And we did not question, ah, that, ah, non-communication to us 'cause we felt from the Reverend Abernathy and his team leaders that at, at the appropriate time they would advise. Not being familiar with the strategies in which the, the, the team, ah, captains and Reverend Abernathy was involved in, so we just didn't know what was going on. And of course we had to try to be as patient as we could and, and just wait until, 'cause we felt that something should have been happening. Well naturally we had questioned in our mind, but as far as us, ah, really pursuing that, ah, we did not. We just waited, you know, we would just, whatever we were told we would do and we would wait to do, so we just did not question the lack of c- communication to us.