Interview with James Figgs

How'd your mom feel? I mean she'd been active in--


Well she had been active and she was, she was totally excited, but certainly, ah, ah, as, as the movie that we observed, Eyes on the Prize, ah, she were that person, she kept her eyes on the prize because, ah, opportunities and programs and federal grants that, that were not being sought after because of the local government not wanting to be involved, ah, with the federal government and thereby federal government telling them what to do in their towns. She was an advocate of bringing in projects to uplift the downtrodden and, ah, preschoolers and, ah, the homeless and the hungry. So yes, she was definitely excited and very outspoken and um, she stayed that way until she was unable to go any longer.


Let's stop it down for a second, I want to make sure that everything's going all right.