Interview with James Figgs

Would you have gone anyplace he, he said?


Oh, any place. I, I believe that, ah, and I said, to some of my friends, I believe that if he had led us to that red sea and the water had been there we would have walked in the water with him because, ah, that's the kind of hope that he had instilled in us and, and his supporters--Andrew Young and Jose Williams--and all those people had given us the kind of assurance, ah, ah, that we needed, that we wouldn't be arrested, that we wouldn't be, ah, ah, bodily harmed and that, ah, the shacks that we were living in here in Marks, Mississippi would one day be brick homes and, and that, ah, out-houses that we had would one day become closed in bathrooms with hot running water. And, and that's, ah, was American dream for us and we want to share the dream that Dr. King dreamed about.


Stop it down for a second. That was great.