Interview with Robert Finley

If you could talk again about being at the bar and just give a sense that you know it's a neighborhood bar and you've had it since 1948 so people knew you.


I, ah, have been the operator of this bar for, since 1948 and during that time I've met many, many people, ah, both good, bad and ugly.And they have, ah, I can say the fact that I've been there 40 years, and at that time I'd been there over 20 years, I, as a result of my knowing as many people and, ah, I just became a part of the community and, ah, many people knew me, and as a result of this, I didn't have a single incident with any person during the entire period. I, ah, saw many of my, my favorite, my regular customers doing things that I was quite shocked at. But I found this, this generally happens, seems like, ah, when you have a particular incident happen, ah, people just to disregard all rules of society and I'm going out and do this thing. And they did it.