Interview with Robert Finley

Paint a picture for, you're not going to see any footage or anything, of what it was like being your neighborhood bar with a shotgun. What was that like?


Well you can imagine that I'm a, ex-serviceman and here I am, ah, have my own little business going and operating and my thought was that, ah, when I, ah, began to say, "Well I guess it's time to, ah, defend your personal property and safety," so the, ah, shotgun's there and I said, "Well, looks like I can realize now what the pioneer thinks of when they, when they said, you know, 'Your home is your castle,'" and, ah, here I've just left for war. I was very impersonal about the war as duty calls and I answered. But this certainly is a crisis in my life, and here I am on my home ground with my shotgun defending property and, and the many thoughts like that go through your mind you see. And, ah, ah, this was my, I was very apprehensive at the beginning but as I said, as I, as I go along and the time passed and I saw there was things as far as my place was concerned were not in danger, ah, which was a great, with great re- relief I might add that, that, this, this is it and, uh--