Interview with Robert Finley

Why did you think they left you alone?


I feel the reason that, ah, I was, ah, bypassed is first, being a Black businessman doing a business in a Black area. Secondly, ah, I have operated the bar along the lines of, ah, you're not just a patron or customer, you're a friend of mine, and as a result of you being a friend of mine, ah, we have no problem. And as a result of this, we, we're going to make it and we'll make it together. And, ah, I have felt that that has been a strong thing in my favor. I might add that I have never been robbed, stuck-up, over my 40 years there, and that's no accident because I've had people come in and, ah, I had a little way of handling, ah, strangers at that time that I don't have now.


You can cut now. That is perfect.