Interview with James Forman


James Forman:

Well, the, the basic disagreement that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee had with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was over the question of leadership. And we felt that there should be a projection and an organization of indigenous leadership, I mean leadership from the community, whereas the Southern Christian Leadership Conference took the position that Martin was a charismatic leader who was mainly responsible for, for raising money, and they raised most of the money off of his leadership. But this differences in leadership then led to differences in style or work.** In Albany, Georgia for instances we went in with the express purpose of developing a people's movement, an indigenous people's movement and we did that. And that at the time of the uh uh ride from Atlanta to Albany uh, that everything was in place for this type of projection including press, press from all over the United States was already in place in in in Albany, Georgia, and that as a result of the demonstrations, then Dr. King, who heard about them, felt that he should come in as the charismatic leader, and that there were some even tensions, but I mean people wanted that to happen and so you know we agreed to it. But at the same time, oh, well this, this difference in the leadership carried over into Birmingham and it also carried over into Selma.