Interview with Dr. Grant Friley

So did you share, I read that by the first day there was- the police were restrained and they couldn't do anything and they were watching all this looting going on and they were watching the city go up and then, and there's a sense that if they could have gone in faster they could have stopped it and now it's out of hand. Did you have that sense? Can you tell me about it?


No. I, I didn't have that sense that, ah, had we, ah, almost like an occupying force, had we been able to invade and, and do this, no. I, I really felt though, that the, the first one or two days, had there been more involvement from the community, the community leaders, more positiveness coming from the media, ah, than, than a story of fires and destructions and all of that, that we might have been able to do somethings. But, ah, all you heard of, ah, the country, ah, then the city of Detroit, was the problems, the problems, the problems. So, ah, you know, that's hindsight, I don't know what would have occurred.