Interview with Dr. Grant Friley

And what about the sense of the Black communities wrecking the Black community and not the White targets, can you tell me--


It was, it was crazy to say the least, that you would hear, ah, young men and young women damning, ah, White people, I mean damning them and saying, "Down with the Honky! damn the Honky!" over and over, and, ah, then you watch them torch their whole block, break in the very, very stores that they had to shop in, OK, and, ah, there was, and I'm not condoning anything, but there were all of these surrounding communities, OK, that had all Whites in them, so the logic was crazy to say, "Whites are no good," and then burn your own house. I mean it didn't make any sense, OK, and that, that, that blew my mind, I just didn't understand.