Interview with Dr. Grant Friley

Knowing how you fe--I mean knowing how, how frustrated you were by the, when it just continued to go. Can you tell me about how frustrated you were and then try to figure how frustrated if you didn't have--if you were a White cop, how you must have felt. How were you by the end, by, as it continued and continued?


I was, I was totally wiped out. It got to a point where I had to watch out for my temper. It got to a point where the, those persons who were yelling and screaming about - down with the Whitey and, and all of that, I was looking into his eyes and wanting to knock the hell out of him because he didn't know what the hell he was talking about** and he was the same sicko that was burning down his own house, OK. Ah, it, it got to be hell for me. And then I looked at my fellow officer who happened to have been a, a, a, a White officer, and I could empathize with what he was going through, OK - day one, day two, day three - I knew what the hell that was going on inside of me, and I knew that he had to be catching hell. And it was basically, not only because he was a police officer, but he happened to be a White man and that was two strikes against him - he was White and he had the uniformon, so he had two strikes against him.