Interview with Dr. Grant Friley

What's the worst thing you remember about this week?


The, ah, frustration of seeing, ah, people making complaints about what had happened to them because they were Black, and to, to be in the middle of 12th Street and look down the street and see the entire block burning and know that the very people who were raising all that hell about, ah, the problems and why they were doing the things they were doing, not having control of their own homes burning, because they initiated some of those fires and the fires got out of control. And then to see fire departments, engine and ladder trucks coming to attempt to put out the very fires that they had started, and these people turning around and bombarding them with bottles and insults and everything else, and those ver- fire people, having to be escorted by either National Guard or police officers, to put out these fires. It was, it was frustrating. It made me mad as hell because the aftermath was, after it was all over, the very people who did it were the very people to make the complaints, and that ate me up, it ate my insides up to see these kinds of things happening. That probably was my low point.