Interview with Thompson Gaines

-- On primary day, what did you do? I mean this is, he's running against Locher in the Democratic primary, what was your work that day?


Our role that day was ah, we had ah, difference, ah, parts of the city and we had, ah, we'll use the word group captains. And our job was to go door to door and remind the people today is the day that you must, ah, will you rather, come out and vote, ah, for Carl B. Stokes for mayor. We had, naturally we had a, ah, records to, to show us how the number of, ah, registered voters in a particular precinct. So we knew that it, we had a projection of, it was already, ah, ah, prepared to say, well at 11 o'clock you should have at least 70 voters. At 2 o'clock you should have 140 voters. This is just an example I'm giving you. And, ah, at that time I believe the polls closed at 6:30. So, for example, if our, ah, information showed that we had 200 people in a particular precinct, and at 4 o'clock only 100 had voted, we knew that we had to get busy and go knocking on doors. And this was the role that many people played. I like to always remember these people. These people were not paid, these were, ah, people who took a day off from work or housewives who left their homes to participate in this, ah, movement or this election that particular day.